Kings City, Eilat

Eilat King City

Kings City, Eilat

Vacations in Eilat Kings City, a tourist guide for a trip to this popular seaside resort of Israel cleaned by the Red Sea. A referral to the Tombs of the Kings in the book of Acts. Speaking in a.d. 31, the Apostle Peter said Male and brethren. In his sermon, he was going over the resurrection of Jesus Christ. David wasn’t yet resurrected. Peter told individuals. Amazing imposing rock developments, Pillars of King Solomon, 50 meters high, produced by the erosion of the wind and water ingress. In the park, there are numerous historical finds, consisting of a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor, protectress of the mines.

An article in Biblical Historical Evaluation, Lost Tombs of the Israelite Kings (July-August 2007), explained a fascinating find regarding the palace of the Israelite King Omri (1 Kings 16), which was discovered in Samaria. Norma Franklin states the contractors carved a platform out of rock at one of the area’s higher points, just like how David’s palace was built. Franklin thinks she located two tombs under Omri’s palace, situated listed below the large courtyard of the palace. Franklin wrote that Omri’s tomb was built first before the palace was erected. She also described tunnels that were hewn into the side of the rock to make the tombs available to visitors.

The biblical account of this conquest is notable. The Jebusites were so particular they might resist David’s attack that they ridiculed the young kingĀ  boasting that even the blind and lame could safeguard the city. David offered the reward of command of the field armies to whoever might capture the stronghold. Joab seized the chance. He led a sneak attack by climbing into the prepared city through a water conduit, resulting in its capture.

Eilat is a city of Israel located on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, in between the city of Aqaba in Jordan to the east, and the resort of Taba in Egypt, to the west. Beach resort established in 1950, Eilat is formed from a town hall, by a lagoon, where there are high-end hotels, beaches and 5 kilometers of shoreline that reaches from the town hall to the Egyptian border, where there are the beautiful backgrounds of Red Sea Sinai in Egypt. Inland extends the desert, guardian of biblical stories, the mountains and the gorgeous nature reserves.

The success of this plunder made Herod greedier. However, as 2 of Herod’s guards approached the bones of David and Solomon, according to Josephus, they were eliminated by a flame that burst out on them! By all appearances, God struck them dead!